Who Are the Peacemakers?



From the blurb on the back cover:

“Today more and more Christians are saying that the only people who deserve to be called peacemakers are outright pacifists and people calling for unilateral nuclear disarmament.
But if pacifist policies or unilateral disarmament could be accomplished, would that lead to peace? Or are these simply utopian views that would end in tragedy?
In this important book, Jerram Barrs confronts the issue of nuclear disarmament and deterrence head on. He looks carefully at the current arguments for nuclear pacifism, but concludes that they can only lead to terrible injustice, oppression, and disaster. Basing his discussion on the Bible, he then shows how sound biblical guidelines can be discovered and followed in presenting a Christian alternative.
The way to peace, Barrs argues, is not pacifism and accommodation – but to stand for justice as well as mercy, to defend our neighbor and the oppressed, and to guard freedom from the threat of tyranny.”