Children of Promise: The Case for Baptizing Infants

  • Children of Promise: The Case for Baptizing Infants

(as of 12/18/2013 at 21:36 UTC)

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Product Description

Infant baptism is an issue that divides the largest Protestant denomination from its sister denominations; and it remains, in many churches, the subject of frequent and sometimes heated debate. This is particularly the case in Reformation churches where the influence of Baptist doctrine has caused members to question their practice of baptizing infants. / Children of Promise is Geoffrey Bromiley’s attempt to get at the biblical understanding that underlies the continuation of infant baptism in many of the evangelical churches. / In addition to examining the scriptural basis for baptizing infants, Bromiley also considers the meaning of baptism, the relation of baptism to the three persons of the Trinity, and the question of the salvation of infants. / A concluding chapter presents a list of guidelines for churches to follow as they examine the practice of baptizing infants.