Saved from What?

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Product Description

This is an intriguing and captivating book that meticulously lays out God's full plan of redemption from Genesis to Revelation. Readers will be pleasantly taken on an insightful yet riveting journey that answers questions about salvation that they might have yearned to know, wanted to understand or never learned. While many other books with this type of theological content most find boring; this author dynamically presents his information with fresh revelatory insight! The book efficiently incorporates Biblical texts that streams down into a logical flow, engaging the reader both spiritually and intellectually. Saved from what has something for everyone, whether you are a Christian, unbeliever or somewhere in between you will not be disappointed. Minister Laing is originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica, where he spent his first ten years of life before relocating to Florida. He currently resides in Virginia with his wife Angela and their three children. Mr. Laing has earned a B.S. degree from Regent University in Organizational Leadership and Management with a minor in Religious Studies. Min. Laing has been well equipped serving in ministry for over a decade after answering the Lord's call to service. He's a phenomenal, teacher, preacher, mentor, motivational speaker, leader and author! Mr. Laing has been divinely inspired, appointed, and anointed to deliver a now message that will empower others to grow in their faith-possessing the uncanny ability to unveil the deep depths of spiritual truths in practical ways so everyone can understand. For all speaking engagements and seminars email your request to