Philippians: Rejoicing and Thanksgiving (Focus on the Bible)

  • Philippians: Rejoicing and Thanksgiving (Focus on the Bible)

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The Apostle Paul has a deep-seated joy in Christ. He is content whether he is in want or plenty and yes even in the face of great suffering and persecution. His life exemplifies what it means to live a Christ-like life full of devotion and joy. There is no better place to go to find an autobiography and indeed the theology of Paul than the book of Philippians. It is here we see his focus on Christ and his pastoral concern and spiritual feeling for the people at Philippi. David Chapman skillfully unpacks the book of Philippians and provides us with some personal reflection questions which help us to apply it to our lives.
“My prayer is that the reader will better know and serve our Lord through considering anew Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi.” David Chapman