A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections

  • A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections

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In A TREATISE CONCERNING THE RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS Jonathan Edwards provides an incisive analysis of genuine Christian feelings. Drawn from his experiences during the Great Awakening, his insights are every bit as relevant to our own times as they were then. Religion is not a matter of mere emotionalism, but neither is it a matter of doctrines with no personal emotional investment. Some signs of Christianity conversion are unreliable, but there are twelve genuine marks of a Christian. Jonathan Edwards was a preacher and missionary in colonial America. The son of a minister, he attended Yale while still a teenager and went on to study theology. While he was pastoring a church in Northampton, the Great Awakening reached the town. Amid the fervor of religious revival, Edwards preached both encourage to true Christianity and to alert congregations to superficial imitations. A TREATISE CONCERNING THE RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS is a systematic collection of his preaching at that time. Above all, he says, it is changed lives and characters that provide evidence of true Christianity.