OT715 - Adv Studies Biblical Theology

Narrative Dynamics in Paul Longenecker, ed. 9780664222772 $26.21
CHOOSE OPTION A: The Climax of te Covenant Wright 9780800628277 $21.83
CHOOSE OPTION A: Paul: In Fresh Perspective Wright 9780800663575 $15.81
CHOOSE OPTION B: The Law and Its Fulfillment Schreiner 9780801021947 $25.20
Paul: An Outline of His Theology Ridderbos 9780802844699 $21.91
CHOOSE OPTION A: The New Perspective on Paul Dunn 9780802845627 $28.95
CHOOSE OPTION B: Cruciformity Gorman 9780802847959 $31.98
CHOOSE OPTION B: The Faith of Jesus Christ, 2nd ed Hays 9780802849571 $24.18
Far as the Curse is Found Williams 9780875525105 $13.06