PT411 - Preparing for Licensure & Ordination Exams

Book of Church Order (PCA) *AVAILABLE FROM PCA BOOKSTORE* 1053 $14.88
Westminster Confession of Faith *AVAILABLE FROM PCA BOOKSTORE* 1375 $11.90
RECOMMENDED: Position Papers 1973-1998 Part V *AVAILABLE FROM PCA BOOKSTORE* PCA/Gilchrist, ed 2508 $32.00
Preparing for Licensure and Ordination Exams *AVAILABLE FROM PCA BOOKSTORE* Chapell/Meek 3824 $7.61
RECOMMENDED: The Book of Church Order Outline *AVAILABLE FROM PCA BOOKSTORE* Bulkeley 6484 $14.00
RECOMMENDED: Robert’s Rule in Plain English Zimmerman 9780060787790 $7.19
RECOMMENDED: The Westminster Assembly Letham 9780875526126 $20.98